Pre-K: Fours and Fives

Science fun

Program Description

Little Dreamers believes in a balanced day for your child.  We create the perfect mix between quiet and active times, large and small group learning, child initiated activities and teacher facilitated activities to create a day full of learning and fun!

All Pre/K classrooms are set-up with unique learning centers that encourage children to be self-sufficient while fostering an understanding of basic concepts.  Our child-centered room arrangement allows children to move freely from one interest center to the next, giving them the opportunity to make plans and choices in their environment.

Every day we gather together and share stories, talk about our day and plan our learning journey.  Being together allows us to get to know our friends, sing songs and play learning games.  We assign helpers for the day, give a weather report and take a look at our calendar.

We love a great book!  Each day we set aside time to read together.  Our read-alouds encourage us to be readers as we read simple, repetitive stories with predictable text.  We also learn about different authors, illustrators and different types of stories.

Kids are in charge of choosing which areas they want to explore.  Our centers are designed to give children independence and are equipped with invitations that promote unique learning opportunities.  Each day they have the opportunity to visit dramatic play, block areas, literacy, writing, creative arts, math/manipulatives, science, music, and the sensory table.

Language– Quality children’s literature is displayed in an inviting manner to encourage children to read and explore books.  A quiet corner of the room with comfortable chairs, sofas or bean bags gives children a peaceful reading environment.

Science / Discovery– This center introduces children to scientific discovery, analytical thinking and problem solving.  Children care for animals, plants charting growth and observing changes.  Experiments are regularly set up for children to interact and observe.

Math / Manipulatives- This combined center provides opportunities for children to practice number concepts and fine motor skills.  Sequencing, ordering, seriating and other number concepts are explored, along with learning numbers and counting.

Creative Art– In this center, there are a variety of arts and crafts materials available for the children to use for experimenting and creating.  We use a variety of media and materials for painting.  In addition, each room has easels that are available for them to use.  Children develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor control and creativity as they explore color, texture, and shape in their art.

Writing Center- A variety of different types of paper and writing utensils are rotated through this center to encourage children’s experimentation with writing.  Children become authors and dictate to teachers their own words for books or illustrations.  These experiences with writing make print accessible for young children and give them a firm foundation for reading and writing development.

Sensory Activities– This table provides important learning opportunities for young children.  As children pour, sift, fill and measure, they experiment with texture, density and other properties.  Sensory areas are also very soothing to children.

Dramatic Play- In this center, children have the opportunity to become fire fighters, fathers, doctors, ballerinas, chefs, or any other role that captures their imagination.  Housekeeping props, as well as other open-ended props and theme prop boxes, are available for the children’s play.  This role-playing provides children with important peer interactions and socio-emotional development.  Children learn to cooperate, share and gain self-understanding as well as a positive self-image.

Blocks and Building- This area provides building opportunities for children as they lay out roads, castles and other creative monuments.  Children learn visual discrimination, large and fine motor control, problem solving and logical thinking.  They experiment with balance, design and other mathematical properties.

Music- Here, a variety of musical instruments await the children as they creatively make music and move to the beat.  Music exposes preschoolers to rhythm, patterns and sounds.